Evacuation Kuwaiti Hospital in South Casts Doubts on Israel’s Displacement Orders


On Sunday, October 15th, 2023, the Israeli occupation ordered to evacuate the Kuwaiti Hospital southern Gaza Strip as a prelude to its demolition.

Kuwaiti Hospital workers confirmed that they received threatening evacuation orders from the Israeli side demanding them to empty the place of its workers and patients before midnight.

A medic worker released a WhatsApp message in response, condemning Israel’s attack on medical centers and confirming that all of the Hospital workers will not leave the place but remain steadfast in the face of Israeli barbaric assaults.

‘Israel’ does nothing but Lying all the time
Israel’s threat to evacuate the Kuwaiti hospital proves the falsehood of Israel’s claims regarding Gaza citizens’ displacement towards the south.

While Israeli occupation demanded Gaza people living in the north of the Gaza Strip take refuge in the south, it has deliberately attacked several facilities in the south and committed heinous massacres against southern people.

Just some hours after ‘Israel’ dropped leaflets ordering Gazans in the north to flee their places to the south, Israeli forces stalked all cars fleeing and moving civilians at Saladin’s main streets and attacked them with successive airstrikes, killing at least 80 Palestinians in an instant and wounded hundreds.

This dragged wide condemnation and raised questions about Israel’s misleading Gazan civilians in favor of achieving political interests.

This means that ‘Israel’ is lying and all its promises are fake but to pery on Gaza people displacement.

Since ‘Israel’ announced its intention to attack Gaza on the ground, it has wiped several families off registry records. At least 2016 families were entirely massacred, a Palestinian per 5 minutes.

The Najjar family is the most affected with 32 members killed. 7 families lost more than 20 members.17 families lost more than 15 members. 54 families lost more than 9 members. 112 families lost more than 5 members.

This highlights the Israeli occupation’s disregard for international legality, which is the root cause of the problem. The fundamental issue will persist as long as the Israeli occupation is not held accountable to international law.

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