During the Women’s World Cup, Call Out FIFA and PUMA’s Complicity in Israeli Apartheid


On July 20, the Women’s World Cup kicks off in Australia and Aotearoa / New Zealand. The spotlight will be on women’s football as well as gender equity on and off the field.

Palestinian women footballers will be cheering on their colleagues from around the world, though with a heavy heart, as they continue to struggle against Israeli apartheid that kills their dreams, hopes and futures.

Let’s stand with them and use the occasion to call out FIFA and PUMA’s complicity in Israel’s apartheid regime and its attacks on Palestinian sports.

Corrupt FIFA is trotting out “approved” armbands focusing on Indigenous rights, gender equality, and vague calls for “peace” and “inclusion.”

At the same time, FIFA continues to actively shield apartheid Israel from accountability for its illegal settlement teams and attacks on Indigenous Palestinians.

Tell FIFA, you can’t support Israeli apartheid AND claim to support Indigenous rights!

Complicit PUMA is using the Women’s World Cup to help launder its image in the face of the growing boycott campaign.

PUMA sponsors the Israel Football Association, which governs and advocates to maintain teams in illegal Israeli settlements driving Palestinians off their land.

PUMA’s recognition of the veteran first women’s teams of the two host countries can only be seen as a marketing ploy, while it continues to profit from Israel’s regime of military occupation and apartheid that disproportionately impacts Palestinian women and girls.

Tell PUMA, Palestinian women footballers say end complicity in Israeli apartheid!

Let’s make sure Palestinian rights and true gender equity are front and center throughout the women’s World Cup.

Share these sample posts and memes to call out the complicity and hypocrisy of FIFA and PUMA throughout the Women’s World Cup (July 20 – Aug 20).

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