DOP Holds Meeting on Media Coverage Role in Defending Palestinian Cause


Today, Sunday, July 23, the Gaza-based Days of Palestine Media Foundation DOP, organized a dialogue meeting on the role of media coverage in serving the Palestinian cause and boosting the Palestinian media discourse internationally.

The meeting hosted the Palestinian journalist, Lubna Masawra, from the English newspaper Middle East Eye, where she talked about ways to improve the Palestinian content and accelerate its access to the international community in general and Western societies in particular.

Masawra said the Palestinian media content needs to focus on human stories and discourses in addition to the facts, to meet the interests of those communities and increase the opportunity to reach the largest possible group.

She added that the Israeli occupation succeeded in promoting its lies and instilling them in the hearts and minds of Western peoples over decades, which constitutes a major challenge and obstacle to the Palestinian content.

Masawra warned against confusing defending the Palestinian cause by linking it to ethnic or religious issues, especially anti-Semitism, so that the Israeli occupation and the Zionist movement are fought without addressing the Jews as a religious sect to not weaken the discourse and lose the Palestinian right in many issues.

In conclusion, Masawra emphasized the role of Palestinian youth, especially English speakers, in changing the international stance towards the Palestinian cause through a unified media discourse directed at Western societies, which increases the chances of reaching those societies.

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