Crime Epidemic Sweeps 48-occupied Palestinian Territories: Israeli Police Complicit


In recent times, crime rates in the 48- occupied Palestinian territories have surged to unprecedented levels, supported by compelling statistics that reveal a troubling trend.

This alarming rise in criminal activity has shed light on the complicity of both the Israeli police and occupation forces, working in tandem with criminal syndicates to perpetuate crime within the Palestinian community.

According to official statistics, crime rates in the 48- occupied Palestinian territories have skyrocketed by 30% over the past two years. Since the beginning of 2023, the number of murders has reached 121.

This escalation coincides with a disturbing pattern of collusion between law enforcement and criminal network, a partnership that has further exacerbated the security situation for Palestinians living in these areas.

The symbiotic relationship between the Israeli police, occupation forces, and criminal networks is evident in various instances of intentional neglect and collaboration.

Reports have emerged of cases where security personnel turned a blind eye to criminal activities, allowing certain perpetrators to operate with near impunity.

This negligence has contributed to a sense of vulnerability and frustration among the Palestinian population, as their pleas for safety and justice have been largely disregarded.

It is crucial to shed light on the hidden dimension that links the occupation policy to keep the Palestinian community in the 48- occupied Palestinian territories preoccupied and distracted from any potential resistance, especially following the recent ordeal during the 2021 Israeli onslaught and the Al-Karama Uprising.

By perpetuating an environment of crime and insecurity, the occupation seeks to undermine any form of cohesive collective action, focusing instead on maintaining control over the region and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, the rise of the extremist government in power has only exacerbated the situation, showcasing its inherent racism and a clear focus on safeguarding settlers’ interests.

The government’s policies have perpetuated systemic inequalities, leaving the Palestinian community marginalized and vulnerable to exploitation by criminal elements that take advantage of their precarious situation.

As crime rates continue to surge, it becomes increasingly urgent to address these underlying issues and root out corruption and collusion.

A comprehensive approach that focuses on community empowerment, fair law enforcement, and dismantling criminal networks is essential to restore safety and justice to the Palestinian people in the 48- occupied Palestinian territories.

In conclusion, the alarming increase in crime rates in the 48- occupied Palestinian territories, coupled with the collusion between law enforcement, occupation forces, and criminal syndicates, poses a severe threat to the security and well-being of the Palestinian community.

Addressing this issue requires not only a focus on immediate law enforcement measures but also a commitment to addressing the systemic causes perpetuated by extremist government and occupation policies.

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