Bulgaria Honors Palestine with Park Corner as Symbol of Friendship and Solidarity


In a heartwarming display of friendship and international solidarity, Bulgaria has dedicated a corner of the International Park in Dobrich to Palestine. The symbolic gesture was marked by an inauguration ceremony attended by representatives from the local Palestinian embassy, the Bulgarian parliament’s deputy speaker, and the city’s mayor.

The event, which took place on a sunny Saturday, saw the Palestinian flag gracefully ascend above the newly designated park corner. To further symbolize the rich culture of Palestine, olive trees and other greenery were planted, and an informative panel was installed to provide visitors with insights into the country.

The Palestinian ambassador expressed his gratitude for this initiative, which he regarded as a significant cultural and diplomatic effort to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Bulgaria and Palestine. He took the opportunity to extend his thanks to the Bulgarian authorities and citizens for their unwavering support and recognition of the Palestinian cause.

This symbolic park corner is the latest in a series of international displays of solidarity with Palestine. Just last week, Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, inaugurated a street named after the State of Palestine. The ceremony saw the participation of foreign ministers from both Palestine and Colombia, culminating in the signing of four important cooperation agreements. Among these agreements was a visa waiver for diplomatic and official passport holders, highlighting the deepening relations between the two nations.

For Palestine, these gestures of support come at a crucial time. The nation has long been striving for recognition and support from the international community in the face of ongoing Israeli occupation and aggression. Over the years, Palestine has achieved recognition as a non-member observer state in the United Nations and has become a full member in various international organizations and treaties. Despite these milestones, formidable challenges remain, including the United States’ veto power, the issue of Israeli settlements, and the blockade of Gaza.

The dedication of a park corner in Bulgaria stands as a symbol of hope and unity, reminding the world of the ongoing struggles faced by the Palestinian people and the importance of international support in their quest for independence and justice. It is a testament to the enduring strength of the bond between Bulgaria and Palestine and a beacon of solidarity for all nations seeking peace and justice in Palestine.

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