Australian Senator Demands Australia to Recognize Palestine, End Israeli Occupation


Lidia Thorpe, an Australian senator, has demanded that the Australian Government recognize that the state of Palestine has sovereignty over the territories that the Israeli occupation has illegally occupied since 1967 and act to stop the illegal occupation of Palestine.

“This government must recognize sovereignty both internationally and domestically, acknowledge that the Palestinian state has sovereignty over all land occupied since 1967, and demand that the Israeli government end the unlawful occupation,” said Thorpe in a speech before the Australian Senate.

She condemned “the violent occupation of Palestine, the brutality of the colonial power that is Israel and their state-sanctioned murder of the Palestinians.”

“In 2022, Israeli forces murdered more than 170 Palestinians, including 53 children,” ” said the Australian Senator. “Since the start of 2023, 160 lives have been taken, including 35 children. Three of these murders happened only 4 days ago.”

“We know this grief sorrow and anger bind the first people – the Astrailain – and Palestinians together. We share a history and reality of attempted genocide and are both yet to experience Liberation in self-determination governance and sovereignty,” she continued.

“We know how it feels to be on the end of slow pervasive violence that claims more and more lives as time goes on with no one blinking an eye.”

Thorpe added, “We know about apartheid and we know about being occupied by a power incapable of recognizing the truth. Almost 140 Nations, including the Vatican, have recognized Palestine as a state but not Australia.”

She finally welcomed the Australian government changing its speech this week to recognize the occupation of the State of Palestine as illegal under international law and called on the government “to continue on this path.

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