At-Taweel Family Massacred in Israeli Sudden Attack


Countless Palestinians were mercilessly massacred as Israeli aircraft showered the At-Taweel family with a bunch of airstrikes on Sunday, October 15th, 2023.

Local residents said that, without prior warning, Israeli airstrikes bombed the At-Taweel family in Nusairat Camp 5, in the Middle of the Gaza Strip, murdering a number of Palestinians, including children and women.

Video footage taken from the place revealed the relentless Israeli airstrikes leaving only ashes, rubble, and remains of humans beneath rocks after attacking the residential building in daylight.

The atmosphere is only filled with fog and shock from the sudden attack as all of the family members were just civilians taking refuge in their house against Israeli indiscriminate air and sea bombardment.

Until now, the civil defense team hasn’t managed to pull out dead bodies from under the rubble and the number of those killed is still unknown.

The Israeli occupation has been attacking the Gaza Strip for the ninth day in a row, killing over 2229 Palestinians and injuring over 9042, according to the latest statistics of the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

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