Another Palestinian Prisoner Enters New Year in Israeli Prisons


The Palestinian prisoner Issam Al-Faroukh (53), from Ramallah, entered Monday, July 24, 2023, his 21st year in the Israeli occupation prisons, since his detention in 2003.

The Palestinian prisoner, Faroukh, was previously detained at the age of 16, and after 5 years he snatched his freedom, as the Israeli occupation later sentenced him to life imprisonment.

The Palestinian Prisoner Club pointed out that the prisoner Faroukh is married, and he is the father of a girl named (Yaffa), that when her father was detained, she was months old.

Farroukh was the director of the Prisoner’s Club branch in Ramallah Governorate, and he is now in “Nafha” Israeli prison. While he was in Israeli prisons, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science, and he lost his father and the occupation prevented him from bidding the last farewell.

Israeli occupation authorities currently hold some 4900 Palestinians in prisons, including 160 children and 31 women.

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