Another Palestinian Prisoner Enters New Year in Israeli Prisons


The Palestinian Prisoner Sami Mahmoud Sobh (49) from occupied Tulkare, entered Tuesday, August 1, 2023, his 21st year inside the Israeli occupation prisons.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club stated that the Palestinian prisoner Sobh has been suffering a severe foot injury since December 2000 and that he needs urgent treatment, adding that about two years before his detention, Israeli occupation killed his brother Omar, and his mother died and he was unable to bid last farewell.

Following his detention, Sobh was subjected to a long and harsh interrogation that lasted for 100 days, and the Israeli Occupation Court sentenced him to 28 years in Israeli prisons.

The prisoner, Sobh, is considered one of the active prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons, as he was able, during the years of his detention, to pursue his education and obtain a bachelor’s degree.

Israeli occupation authorities currently hold some 4900 Palestinians in prisons, including 160 children and 31 women.

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