Advocacy Group Calls for U.S. to Block Israel from Visa Waiver Program


AJP Action, an organization advocating for justice in Palestine, has called for the United States to prevent Israel from entering the U.S. visa waiver program.

The organization stated that Israel does not meet the eligibility criteria for the visa waiver program due to its ongoing systematic discrimination against Palestinian American citizens.

Additionally, Israel’s restrictions on travel for Palestinian-Americans to Gaza further compound the issue.

The organization believes that the escalating protests and conflicts within Israel, as well as the increased international scrutiny of the authoritarian policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, necessitate a reassessment of the negotiation terms for Israel’s inclusion in the visa waiver program.

They assert that there should be no tolerance for discrimination against American citizens, especially within a program founded on principles of mutual respect and equality.

AJP Action has declared its solidarity with individuals facing unjust treatment by Israeli authorities and expressed its opposition to Israel’s entry into the visa waiver program.

They aim to send a message to the Biden administration that partial solutions to systematic discrimination in Israel are insufficient and that the time has come for full accountability.

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