Administrative Detainees Stage One-Day Hunger Strike in Solidarity Kaid Al-Fasfous


In a show of solidarity with the striking prisoner Kaid Al-Fasfous, Palestinian administrative detainees in Israeli prisons embarked on a one-day hunger strike on Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

This action comes as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) threatens to escalate its response following the transfer of several of its members, including Secretary-General Ahmed Saadat, to the “Nafha” prison.

Nader Jarghoun, the spokesperson for the Hanthala Center for Prisoners and Liberated Prisoners stated that the detainees have initiated steps to escalate their protests today in support of Kaid Al-Fasfous and other detainees who were forcibly moved to Nafha prison.

Jarghoun explained that the initial move in the detainees’ escalation against the prison administration was a one-day hunger strike.

He stressed that if the demands of Kaid Al-Fasfous, who has been on a hunger strike for 63 days, are not met, and if Ahmed Saadat and his comrades are not returned to their respective sections, the situation could escalate further.

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Meanwhile, Awad Al-Sultan, head of the Martyrs, Prisoners, and Wounded Affairs Office at the PFLP, asserted that the occupation’s arbitrary transfer of prisoners aims to target individuals who advocate for resistance and those who work towards Palestine’s cause and the development of unified national programs.

The National Movement of Prisoners had previously warned that prisoners in all facilities would not remain passive regarding Kaid Al-Fasfous’s situation and would not allow a repetition of what transpired with martyr Khader Adnan under any circumstances.

This hunger strike represents the first in a series of supportive and solidarity actions, with no end in sight until the critically ill prisoner Kaid Al-Fasfous’s demands are met, as his life hangs in the balance.

On Sunday, Israeli suppression units connected to the prison administration forcibly transferred Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmed Saadat, and several prisoners from Section 5 in Ramon Prison to Section 10 in Nafha Prison, leading to a highly charged atmosphere.

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