Activists Launch Campaign to Free Amin Abu Rashed


Pro-Palestine supporters launched a campaign calling for the immediate release of the Palestinian activist in the Netherlands and head of the European Campaign to Lift the Siege on Gaza, Amin Abu Rashed, who has been detained by the Dutch authorities for nearly two months.

Head of the Palestinian Community in the Netherlands, Ahmad Sakina, said: “Throughout this campaign, we have spread awareness about Abu Rashid and his case. We will support him and stand beside him during this campaign.”

Sakina disclosed a plan for a number of activities as part of the campaign “to be held very soon under the tag #Freedom_For_Amin.”

Meanwhile, Abu Rashid’s family has confirmed that his health condition is deteriorating and they called for his immediate release as he is being detained by the Dutch authorities based on false claims and direct incitement from the Israeli lobby in the country.

The Head of the Palestinian Democratic Gathering in the Netherlands, Yaser Tamim, said: “Abu Rashid and all the organizations and institutions he has been working with support the Palestinian people inside Palestine and in the diaspora.”

Tamim added: “We will be part of the action against the false campaign targeting him.”

Amin Abu Rashed is a prominent and respected Palestinian community leader and organizer, born in Beirut in 1967. He was active in the Palestinian cause and lost his right arm during the Lebanese civil war.

In 1992 he moved to the Netherlands and received asylum. Amin has been living in the Netherlands ever since. He is married to Umm Ibrahim, with whom he has two daughters.

During the last thirty years, Amin became one of the most active people in the Palestinian movement in the Netherlands, through various community organizations and foundations, such as the Palestijnse Gemeenschap in Nederland (“Palestinian Community in the Netherlands”) and het Palestijnse Huis (“the Palestinian House”).

These organizations organize and empower Palestinians in the Netherlands, organize political actions and demonstrations for the liberation of Palestine, and support their people in refugee camps in Palestine and the region through humanitarian aid.

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