Activists Call on Google and Amazon Employees to Boycott Services Provided to Israeli Military


In the American arena, activists and human rights advocates are urging employees of tech giants “Google” and “Amazon” to join their colleagues in refusing to work for these companies as they continue to provide services to the Israeli occupation army and apartheid regime.

Both “Amazon Web Services” and “Google Cloud” had signed a contract worth $1.22 billion to provide cloud technology to the Israeli government and military.

Activists argue that by engaging with the Israeli apartheid system, both “Google” and “Amazon” would facilitate the Israeli government in monitoring Palestinians and forcing them out of their lands.

In preparation for their cause, activists are rallying to gather a larger crowd of employees from both companies and Palestinian rights advocates to hold a protest outside the annual Amazon Web Services summit in New York City on the 26th of this month.

The protest is titled “#NoTechForApartheid,” aiming to send a message to the management of both companies to reject business as usual as long as Amazon continues to profit from the violence and oppression faced by Palestinians on a daily basis.

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