350,000 Palestinians Displaced Under Israeli Aggression in Gaza


The ongoing deadly Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has completely destroyed 2,835 Housing units and damaged 32,000, which led to the displacement of 350,000 Palestinians, according to a report by the Gaza Government’s media office today, Thursday, October 12.

The Media office stated that approximately 350,000 Palestinians have been displaced and found shelter in 110 schools or with relatives and acquaintances.

The Israeli aggression has led to the complete destruction of 752 residential buildings, comprising 2,835 housing units and 32,000 severely damaged units, including 1,791 units unfit for habitation.

Additionally, 42 governmental headquarters and numerous public facilities and structures have been destroyed.

The Israeli occupation caused destruction to 89 schools, with 9 of them rendered unsuitable for use, resulting in the murder of 17 educational staff members and over 320 children, the report added.

Eleven mosques were demolished, and dozens more were damaged, including seven ancient mosques and churches.

The Gaza Government’s media office emphasized that the ongoing situation exposes the falsity of many proclaimed values by the international community, and accepting or attempting to justify these massacres constitutes participation in them.

It urged the international community to intervene urgently to halt the Israeli aggression and massacres against Palestinian civilians and to end the deteriorating humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, due to bombardment, destruction, and the ongoing blockade.

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