2,215 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Aggression on Gaza


At least 2,215 Palestinians were killed in Israeli air attacks on Gaza, including 724 children and 458 women, the Palestinian Health Ministry said on Saturday morning.

8,714 people were further injured, including 2,450 children and 1,536 women, it added.

Health officials in the besieged enclave affirmed that more than 320 Palestinians have been killed in the past 24 hours, including 126 children and 88 women.

Yesterday’s death toll included many women and children killed in Israeli air raids on convoys fleeing Gaza City.

For the 8th consecutive day, Israeli warplanes have launched hundreds of air raids on civilian houses and infrastructure in various areas of the Gaza Strip, leading to hundreds of casualties and vast destruction.

The health ministry pointed to an Israeli decision to commit genocide on more than two million people in the Gaza Strip.

The airstrikes have caused the deaths of 200 members of 50 families, 15 health workers, and eight journalists.

The strikes have also targeted 23 ambulances and 15 health institutions, including the Ministry of Health building, the Rimal Clinic, and the International Eye Center.

The situation is further complicated by fuel shortages and electrical outages affecting generators, the ministry added.

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