20 Humanitarian Aid Trucks Enter Gaza as Egypt Opens Rafah Crossing


The first batch of humanitarian aid trucks crossed into the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning, coming from Egypt through the Rafah border crossing, while the Israeli bombing of the Strip continues, leaving more casualties.

The 20 trucks carrying aid were seen crossing the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, these trucks carry tons of relief aid sent to Gaza. As reported, the trucks include medicines, medical supplies, and a limited amount of food (canned food).

The trucks entered through the Rafah border crossing in North Sinai, which is the only life line for the besieged coastal enclave to the outside world that is not supervised by the Israeli occupation. Four ambulances, two United Nations vehicles, and two other vehicles for the Red Cross were seen on the Palestinian side as well to secure the entry.

This amount of aid and dozens like it will not meet the current needs of Gaza Strip in quantity and quality.

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