2 Israeli Colonizers Killed in Shooting Incident in Huwara


In what seems to be retaliation for the systematic Israeli crimes and attacks against the Palestinian people, a shooting incident took place Saturday, August 19, 2023, in Huwara town, in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus, killing two Israeli colonizers.

Israeli security sources claimed that a Palestinian carried out a shooting operation in Huwara, killing two Israeli colonizers, and withdrew from the place safely.

Consequently, Israeli troops have been widely deployed in the area searching for the perpetrator, where they closed many roads and caused traffic jams for Palestinian citizens.

Palestinian media reported that this operation comes in response to Israeli forces and settlers’ increasing violence against Palestinian citizens, which is supported by the current far-right Israeli government.

A report by the Colonization & Wall Resistance Commission revealed that Israeli occupation forces and settler militias carried out 897 attacks on Palestinians and their properties in July 2023.

The Israeli attacks involved firing live bullets and toxic gas, terrorist attacks, raids, vandalism, theft, land grabbing and tree uprooting. Most of the attacks were in Jerusalem and the West Bank, with almost 60% of them happening there.

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