+14 Murdered in Israeli Attack on Sheikh Redwan


At least 14 Gazan civilians were fatally murdered in an Israeli airstrike that targeted Hanyia house in Abu Iskandar area in Sheikh Redwan, north of Gaza City, on Tuesday October 17th, 2023.

Local residents said that Israeli air forces showered the house with several rockets to ensure that all those inside were killed.

“The sudden attack was not anticipated as all of the family members were mere civilians, including children and women,” said a passerby.

Until now, Civil Defence teams have managed to pull out at least 14 Palestinians from under the rubble, while the death toll is still unclear.

According to the Ministry of Heqlth, at least 3000 Palestinians have been killed and 12500 wounded since the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation 11 days ago.

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