120 People Killed in Darfur Clashes


Armed clashes between Arab tribes in the volatile Darfur region of western Sudan have resulted in a reported death toll of approximately 120 people, according to undisclosed security sources on Saturday, August 12, 2023.

Over the past three days, violence has unfolded due to an ongoing dispute regarding tribal alliances in Darfur, coinciding with a power struggle between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary group known as the Rapid Support Forces.

An unidentified security source revealed that the confrontations, which commenced on Thursday, have led to a minimum of 120 fatalities and numerous injuries.

The initial conflict is said to have erupted after members of the Salamat tribe, an Arab group, unlawfully entered the residence of a tribal leader and seized a vehicle.

Additional clashes occurred within the Beni Halba clan, another Arab tribe, resulting in the death of three attackers.

These confrontations have spread across a region near the border with Chad, leading to the movement of displaced individuals seeking refuge from the turmoil.

Further incidents have emerged, including clashes between the Salamat and the Habaniya tribe, who were pitted against the non-Arab Masalit clan.

Salah Abdula, a tribal leader, stated that the violence between the Salamat and Beni Halba factions alone has claimed around 100 lives.

In the midst of these confrontations, six casualties were reported from clashes involving the Habaniya and Masalit groups, while another 14 deaths were attributed to conflicts between Habaniya and Salamat.

Abdula indicated that fighters from both Beni Halba and Salamat tribes have journeyed from Khartoum to partake in the ongoing armed hostilities.

Reports indicate that the number of casualties over the past four months has exceeded 2,000 deaths, including a significant count of children and women.

The conflict has also led to the displacement of around 500,000 individuals to the neighboring country of Chad and several internal areas within the region.

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