1000s of Palestinians Participate in Tubas Funeral, Pledge to Resist Israeli Occupation


Thousands of Palestinian citizens in Tubas participated Friday, September 1, in the funeral of the Palestinian martyr, Abd Al-Rahim Ghannam, who was killed by Israeli forces during their storming of the city this morning.

The funeral ceremony began at the Turkish Hospital in occupied Tubas, all the way to his family’s home in the town of Aqaba, where he was given a final farewell by his family, relatives, and friends.

His body was covered by the Palestine flag as a symbol of the Palestinians’ attachment to their homeland.

The participants angrily chanted slogans calling for resisting the Israeli occupation and deterring it from further crimes against the Palestinian people.

The funerals of the Palestinian martyrs are attended by hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, who pay their respects to the brave heroes of the Palestinian resistance and pledge to support them and continue on the same path.

This morning, Israeli troops killed Palestinian Abd Al-Rahim Ghannam and wounded three others in a massive military incursion into the occupied city of Tubas, attempting to assassinate a Palestinian freedom fighter.



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